Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should I make my game Midrea a Free Product?

I just had a crazy idea.

Why don't I release Midrea as a free and open game world? I can put it together, sans most art, one piece at a time and release it to the community as a series of PDF's

This has a number of advantages

#1 Conventional wisdom says worlds do not sell all that well but its possible expansions just might.

#2 I can give back to the community

#3 Its great for marketing and getting my name out.

#4 The niche is really empty

#5 If there really is demand I can make a print book or a snazzy art rich someday.

#6 I ca make it for several games as most of those foundations have been laid already and this might enable me to reach other markets.

Other than the work and loss of control, it doesn't seem like there are a hige number of downsides

What say you folks to the idea?


  1. I'd say freebies with some financial element if you ever want it to go towards making any money at it. Give away some, even very meaningful portions and charge for others. It can be inexpensive no one says you have to try to gouge folks.
    The hobby we know and love was started by people charging money for doing a lot the same things people do now.

  2. Thanks for the reply JD!

    I am thinking about maybe a 64 page or so world book, PDF only, no art along the lines of Labyrinth Lord or the others free.

    Additional materials additions editions can be had later at different costs.

    Well I'll see how it goes.