Friday, August 13, 2010

A 4e Post Campaign Idea Dark Action Fantasy

A while back I was ranting that 4e was not D&D as I know it. I still haven't changed my mind about that.There is however one game I'd like to run using the rules. Dark Action Fantasy.

Here is my set up

Gothick Horror world, No Gunpowder (no good rules yet) Monster pallet includes undead, scary faeries and a few staples. No Cthulhu.

Races: Humans only with Dhampyr, The Possessed (from Alea Dragons's Horde #1) and Revenant allowed . The Revenant class has a unique entry. Upon being raised from the dead, the character is automtically retrained to this race and MUST become a Revenant. They come back different ....

Martial Classes , Feats and Powers Only

Rituals allowed including those from Goodman Games' Azagar's Book of Rituals. Prices will be tweaked as needed and ritual components allowed.

Low Magic Items Rules will be used

Options. At unanimous player request Half Elf "Changeling" and Half Orc "Caliban" will be allowed.

There you have it. Tactical Horror 4e. Castlevania here I come.


  1. You know, if I could get over my distaste of 4e, this is something I could dig. Well played, sir.

  2. Thanks Ryan. Sorry about the slow reply. I have been kind of crazy busy of late.