Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dagger Mania 2 :The Twins- Thunder and Lighting

This pair of daggers was custom built by The Elf Lord Mathendier for a lady adventurer who had taken his fancy.

They are made of bluish steel, one etched with a pattern the resembles lighting, the other storm clouds. They can be thrown easily, the right resembling a tiny lighting bolt the left, a streak of thunder when they fly straight.

They are both +2 Keen Admantium Returning Seeking Daggers. The right dagger "Lighting" is also shocking burst the left "Thunder" is thundering and sonic (+1d6 sonic) .

If the daggers are pressed together and the command word word "Me'urra" is spoken, the weapons will cast Lighting Bolt at the wielders level. This ability can be used 1 time per day.

In addition as the daggers are meant to be together and anyone holding a dagger may use Locate any Object at will to find the other.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 12th Slot None; Price 80k gp; Weight 1b. Add an extra 20k for the pair.

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