Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enerion One Page

Fantasy Setting Proposal for

Enerion: Along the Great River and Beyond

Core Ethos Sentence:
Enerion is a Steel Age world with a Bronze Age feel and a Robert Howard/Lost World sensibility ripe for action and exploration.

. Who are the heroes?
The heroes are the explorers, the protectors, the doers and the rulers.
They are people like Mesrik Galim, the Wayfinder.
Suon Argontil Prince of the Clarim City State. Hardin Coos Henar, Watermaster of mountainous Tarsk and of course the mysterious Silver Queen.

What do they do?
Every hero has his own desires, destinies and goals. Whether it is Metrics wanderlust, Suon Argontil’s protection of his City state or Hradwins stewardship of man there is plenty of room for excitement. And if things get dull, there is the Silver Queen ageless beautiful and full of terrible wisdom.

Threats, Conflicts, Villains: Danger comes in many forms. There are ancient monsters from before the time of man, the Scaled Ones cast off folks of a previous age, the enigmatic Shapers with there changed monsters Worst of all are the Demons, the outsiders whose very touch befouls the water life depends on.

Nature of magic: Water is the source of magic; spells are drawn form the water into the Wizard, cast out than flow back into the ocean. Even the Gods are said to dwell deep below

What’s new? What’s different?
All of his Civilization depends on water, all trade flows from it, all magic depends on it. Rather than great Feudal Kingdoms there are city-states. Rather than dungeons there are ancient decaying ruins. Rather than Orcs there are magically changed beast men. It’s a new face on old and familiar ground.

Familiar yet exotic is the watchword

I've never run anything in this setting though I've been tempted. My gamers don't read Howard or E.R. Burroughs and would be lost alas.

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