Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Silly magic Item "Mercy's Sister"

A Magic Scythe I've never had time to use in game.

Mercy's Sister

This heavy black +1 weapon can be wielded as proficient by any bard . It gives off an invisible aura of mild despair that can be felt by all within 10 feet that has no game effect.
When wielded the user and his allies can also hear faint music. Carved on the side is an inscription "Hey Now, Hey Now Now Now" anyone finishing this phrase in song will active the scythes power and it will become a +3 acid scythe.

Price -- Mild Necromancy, Moderate Evocation CL12 34,500 (including Bardic Wielding)

For cruel DM fun, make your players actually RP the activation phrase. This will last till the party throws said item down the well or their books at you ;)


  1. Hehe. I had a wizard in my old game who named his familiar Lucretia, because she was his 'reflection'

  2. Heh. Cool.

    Actually a reflection as a familiar would be kind of cool if you could pull it off but thats a topic for another day ;)