Monday, August 1, 2011

What's you old school heresy ?

Well my heresy is ascending armor class (AAC) . It makes a lot more sens for a great AC to be 30 rather than negative 10.

While I'll play with THAC0 (I love me some 2nd Edition) AAC is faster in play, more logical and simpler to use.

Now don't get me wrong I have no trouble managing THAC0, I mean after all its 1st grade math, but its simply not as good as ascending armor class in any meaningful way.

That being my heresy, whats yours?


  1. Bonus spells for magic-users a la bonus spells for clerics.

    Liking the Field Folio.

  2. fast replay Ryan!

    I also like both your heresies although not all the FF is good.

  3. Bonus spells, AAC, adapted Conditions from Pathfinder/3.5, minions from 4E, more hp at first level, ability score boosts every 4th level. Yes, my game is a Frankenmonster.

  4. Nothing wrong with the Frankenstein game OMM, Its all about bringing home the fun after all.

  5. I'm another in the AAC camp. Ever since Gamma World 4, I've preferred it. I considered keeping the 3E three saves, but then decided against it in the end.

    I guess another is that I like Elmore's art. A lot. Otus is funky in his psychedelic way, but it just doesn't do it for me the way Elmore, Easley, Holloway, and Parkinson do with their more realistic depictions of fantasy.