Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why GURPS Not Old School?

This one is easy. I like GURPS, my players are not familiar with old school (they are on the young side) and like GURPS, one players knows enough to co-GM . It works for all of us. If i game with these guys long enough, I'll eventually get them and a few other people into Angel/Buffy, Pathfinder or Old School D&D but till then, GURPS will do nicely


  1. I think if you're using GURPS now, you've won. No need to move to anything else. Most other accounts report that the other guys in the group would play anything but GURPS. I wish I had your group/luck.

  2. GURPS is always a great way to go. And really, GURPS can be just as old school as any other system. You just don't need all the funny dice.

  3. It took a really long time to get this started, not a lot of work exactly but patience.

    It can be argued that GURPS is an old school game in the sense that it was first released (in the form to Man to Man) in the Mid 80's.

    But I agree with both y'all and thanks for the posts

  4. GURPS isn't "old-school" becasue it is still supported by it's original publisher in a version of the game that still resembles the original release. Sounds like a silly argument really, but that's got to be it right?