Saturday, March 21, 2015

Actually I sort of suck at running Supers

One of the things I've learned while with this group is that I'm just not good at running Supers games,

Oh I do good world building, my players inform me that the Marvel variant I run is pretty interesting . I actually like playing Supers occasionally, especially in the Marvel universe  but something in the ethos of Supers and its assumptions not to mention flow of rules  of most Supers games seems to make my games fizzle.

They always end up dark and awful even when the goal is lighter.

There is an exception here, Street Level +Occult and Psychic type games work well enough. Realistic Batman meets Kickass meets Constantine meets Firestarter I can manage but that really isn't a Supers game.  Its more modern fantasy with costumed vigilantes.

So in the future given time is limited I'll simply skip running Supers games and spare my players the mediocre gaming.

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