Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where the Blog is Going

I've been thinking about this blog and where to go with it.

It wasn't easy, there are so many good games, so many ideas and so many different directions to go int that it easy to get bogged down.

So in that vein I decided I go with the following

#1 Old School Games specifically Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures from Flatland Games.

This is my very favorite Old School game and I like it enough to playtest for it.

#2 Eden Studios Unisystem

This game is semi-moribund but its my favorite system to run especially in its Cinematic version . I've also playtested for them. Its simply the best system thus far for me.


I've covered GURPS a bit before and of course with permission  I host the infamous Ballistic Spreadsheet by Doug Cole but its high time I started sharing all the stuff I've made.  Coincidentally I've playtested for them as well and worked a bit with SJ Games. It was if you were wondering a very good experience, they are solid professionals.

Occasionally you may see some D&D 5e talk, and maybe little Pathfinder Epic 6 and a bit of this and that but there you go, the  new focus.

Hope I don't drive any of y'all away but if you decide to leave, hey appreciate your reading and good gaming,

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