Saturday, March 21, 2015

So What Are you Good At ?

Well since  I'm bad at Supers people might be wondering what I am good at?

Well if I may toot my horn  I run very good Urban Fantasy/Horror ,good  Aliens/Firefly type SF, decent Fantasy especially Gritty and solid fairly realistic Post Apocalypse . I can also run police procedural and modern adventure (1950's and up) .

Pulp isn't my thing nor is any other historical game though I could manage World War 2 in a pinch. I think.

I've also run a bit of Ancient Aliens type stuff with some success. I won't run it again as its not something my players enjoy very often but the same went pretty well and even the player who kind o had to get dragged away from making it a shoot em up  admitted it was a good game.

Oh yeah and fairy tale themed games, Those I do pretty well.

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