Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What I like to play and run and why

Just a personal post

I like to play D&D and generic fantasy in most forms  and will play most games, Playing is not my thing though and I can get bored sometimes unless I am into my character or the game.

Now given a choice I'll run

#1 Euro-Centric Fantasy.

Faeries tales mostly, adventure fiction too. From Migration era  to the Early Modern . No Cthulhu generally except in Conan games  . I don't care much to run or play games in other cultures or eras  as I don't understand them well enough  do them much justice  . Orientalism and similar tropes outright annoy  me. I can play Victorian/Old West  though  and while I have huge respect for the arts and scholarship of the period, its not my thing usually.

#2 Zeerust/Hard  SF

Think Aliens, Firefly, Outland, Cowboy Beebop  hard SF with cultures I can relate too . I can tolerate Space Opera, Star Trek, Star Wars but they aren't my things. I detest Transhumanism though I actually playtested some of the Transhuman Space books . They are amazing and if you like Transhumanism, you should have them in your collection. I have a few and have even mined them from time to time.

#3 Post Apocalypse

Twilight 2000K stuff with a little Mad Max, not Gamma World or a Boy and His Dog though.

#4 Modern Fantasy/Horror

Anything from I dunno 1970 on up.  This is my best genre I think. I run tight games that are usually well received and  have run more of this than anything else. Also little Cthulhu here. Not my thing.

#5 Low Powered Supers.

As mentioned  before I kind of suck at Supers and while I've enjoyed a few games of Marvel Super Heroes and run a few as well, its hard to find good GM's or games where I can play what I want without hurting anyone else's fun . Low powered supers are another matter as they are a variation of Modern Fantasy really and I enjoy playing and running those

So there you have it. These are what I usually run and given a chance will play.

How about y'all?


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