Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lessons Learned #2 My Games Aren't Violent Enough for a Lot of Players

One thing I've noticed when I run games other than D&D type Dungeon Crawls   is that I treat violence in a somewhat realistic manner, that is best avoided.

This however can create problems with player involvement. Much like the old writers trope by Raymond Chandler  "If you don't know what to write next send a man with a gun through the door" violence is a big part of games and the players have come to expect it.

Its not something you can easily work around , simply, the guys need fights.

So over the years I've adapted and try to select settings and campaigns where fighting is a good and useful and fun option,

Sometimes it means tweaking  the rules a bit, such as in my SF game where .65 caliber seeker darts with ONC warheads exists (one shot, one brain kill) or the setting in  more modern games where frankly shooting people is usually not an option .

And  you know what, its fine. Part of a GM's job is coming up with stuff that makes everybody happy from time to time and brings home the fun. And gaming  goes by a single rule, if its fun, you did it right.

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