Thursday, February 11, 2016

A late night GURPSday post Some notes on house rules

Next week i think I am going to start converting some of my old 3e content and posting it. It may take a while as its all on paper but I have a ton of interesting characters to post

Now onto some questions. What are your house rules ?

#1 I often use the no points for disadvantaged variant from the old 3e GURPS Compendium 1

The short version of the rule. Everyone gets whatever the campaign base is (typically 150) plus an extra 50. They than take whatever appropriate advantages they like.

#2 I occasionally use bits of GURPS Gulliver 

#3 I use  edge protection in GURPS that is armor is doubled vs cuts with damage that gets through the normal DR being applied as blunt damage.

An example

A broadsword cut does 6 points vs chainmail.

In normal GURPS this would be 2 points +50% cutting. 3 points in total

With edge protection its 2 points, 6 points minus 4 vs blunt/points and an extra 4 vs cutting

#4 I sometimes use armor as dice 

#5 I sometimes use Doug Cole's strength damage  rescale  This does reduce damage and make it much harder to kill someone in armor but its far more realistic and increases character   survivability  as well. I do not use this in Dungeon Fantasy games though, only realism driven ones.

#6 I use T-Bones "Graze" rules . If you make an attack exactly or miss a defense roll by one you take half damage. It stacks. This feel realistic to me and makes characters just a spot tougher.

#7 In some games I use T-Bones revised defense flow. Its a bit clunky till you get used to it but once you are, it makes combat even more realistic.

It works this way

Here's a suggestion for an improved way to play: When an attacker announces his attack, have the defender announce what he'll do in defense without knowing the TH result. (The defender has to be specific, as always: say, "I'll Dodge and Retreat", not "Yeah, I'll defend".) Resolve TH and defense normally.

Its a solid rule that brings a dose of reality to combat and is fast to impliment. It also adds a lot to precognitive types who use the regular GURPS rules

As above I don't use this rule in  Dungeon Fantasy which is highly cinematic.

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