Thursday, February 11, 2016

So what GURPS have you played and run ?

I've played and run a  lot less than I'd like to be honest

I've run three campaigns all recently in 4th edition

#1 A one mildly cinematic fantasy starting at 150 points. It ran about 12 sessions or so

#2 A highly cinematic Fantasy inspired by the anime  Inuyasha

It was 250 points and extra "shard" powers.  It ran 12 or 15 sessions

#3 A firefly like SF game 150 points also 8-10 sessions

I've also run "non campaign" games,

 Three sessions of Twilight 2000 in GURPS 3rd edition and a   smattering of one shots, one fantasy Europe  and one espionage shooter that I can remember

I've played exactly once, Fantasy 100 points in 3rd edition Fantasy back in the day I think I played a mercenary. Its been a long long time though so I might be off

By comparison I've run one Pathfinder campaign , 6 Angel or Buffy campaigns (though I've never played) load of Rolemaster and tons of D&D in various versions.

GURPS simply was never on the menu until my current group for some reason but now that it is, well hey. I am going to play while I can.


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