Thursday, February 4, 2016

What would you play if you GURPS didn't exist?

I discovered GURPS around 1989 or 90 when I was a young gamer. I've collected books, read books, play a few sessions  though surprisingly few for how much I like the game, GM'd a bit more and done some comped play-testing.

It was my  very favorite system for many years, the only one I regularly  bought anything for.

It stayed at number one only  supplanted  by  its offspring, the Unisystem written by GURPS Voodoo alum  C.J Carella .

Unisystem famous for Buffy and All Flesh Must Be Eaten  is basically the child of GURPS and World of Darkness, using a simpler system of character generation more akin to WoD but with a strong focus on verisimilitude like GURPS has.

However imagine  a hideous world without GURPS or Unisystem  would I'd still be gaming?


I'd almost certainly be playing D&D of some kind, I still do , the Fantasy Trip if it existed and I discovered it and likely some kind of system that covered modern fantasy.

I'd also be playing BRP/Call of Cthulhu probably a lot of it. My 1st serious RPG was Runequest 2 and it was and is a great game.

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