Thursday, February 4, 2016

All my current favorites in order (yes with GURPS listed it is GURPS day)

My favorites in order

#1 Unisystem classic and cinematic (Buffy/Angel, All Flesh Must be Eaten witchcraft more) . A wonderful game that is a bit moribund right now. Not dead just resting waiting for BRAAAINS...

#2 GURPS. If I could choose only one system, I'd choose Big G no hesitation. It might be the best RPG ever  designed

#3 Beyond the Wall. A D&D variant that oh heck I'll link its main page and let them describe it.

#4 Rolemaster. I don't play this old warhorse these days but I've never had a bad game.

#5 Every other D&D variant. I like 2e, 3x and 5 mostly though Swords and Wizardry is a solid choice too.

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