Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the Worlds They Come... Another Creation Dariel

Just had another idea for a game world, Dariel --

Dariel is a world where a single monotheistic God is the creator of the world. This being "The One" created the universe and everything in it and is the source of all good. I imagine the Church as Celtic Catholicism with a hint of Wicca and Gnosticism.

Basic teachings, those who do evil unless granted The Divine Mercy will pay for it on Dariel (sinners reincarnate till they are worthy of Heaven) or if its bad enough in Hell where they suffer till the sin is burned off. There are of course a lot of local variants and the usual interfaith warfare just to keep things interesting.

The real enemy of mankind are the spiritual forces that plague him. These include the Rebels and the Fallen who desire to make Dariel into a reflection of the Hells they inhabit and the Fae.

The Fae are soulless immortal creatures who can only gain a soul by interbreeding with humans or by being around them for a long time.

What makes this world unique is that evil is objective real and detectable so for example, if a Paladin finds some Orc babies, its lawful and good to painless destroy them. They are soulless and will always do evil as they have no free will. Evil acts can leave lingering traces and so on.

I imagine some limits on classes, all the mundane classes, a variant ranger without spells and magic classes limited to Cleric, Paladin and Wizard.

"Free" races with Souls include Human, Half Elf, Dhampir, Shifter, and Half Orc. If I decide to use them possibly Halflings and some Dwarves too. If I were to run it the system would probably be Pathfinder.

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