Monday, May 17, 2010

A very nasty encounter (Old School)

A freebie for the late night crowd. Something to scare the pants off your players.

Chamber of the Dead

DM Intro

As the 4th member of you party enters the semi spherical moss encrusted cold stone chamber, a portcullis of spikes rises from the floor with a scream of twisted metal. Bits of rotten flesh, twisted metal, broken weapons and worse adorn the grisly metal trap . As you turn to look for a way out , there is a foul smell of corruption and a creak of metal. Something seems to have attracted the attention of Something

Eight armored figures adorned in a half rusted shambles of plate and armor turn in ghastly unison, lift curved axes and begin to approach in a parody of marching . Roll for initiative


These are zombies of course so the initiative roll is simply to determine who moves first in the approach round. The zombies will always attack last

MV 60
HP 10
Dam 1d8 (rusty Axe)

The armor these guys are equipped with is purely piecemeal and will be destroyed on a hit leaving the zombies at AC8 for future rounds

In addition to the zombies there is an invisible skeletons controlled by a lore stone embedded in its forehead . This stone allows any user 1 "hint" per day and adds +1 to intelligence if anyone carries it. However it has a slight unholy taint and it will reduce total HP by 1d4 till it is soaked in holy water over night, blessed or a remove curse is cast on it.

The skeleton is armed with a nicely made steel bow and 4 arrows each coated with a magic poison (save vs poison or die) .It will shoot at anyone with a holy symbol.

MV 120
HP 8
Dam 1d6 (short bow + poison)
AC 7

At the far end of the room is lever that will open the portcullis gate (or it can be forced on a zero or less on 1d6 strength applies normally) however another zombie as above guards the lever and will attack anyone trying to touch it.

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