Thursday, May 6, 2010

One of the Handiest Rules of All: Greyhawk Average Hitpoints

I cribbed this rule from Living Greyhawk,, to give credit where credit is do.

How it works is simple

Instead of rolling hit points are calculated as the middle number on the die plus one. Basically average rounded to the nearest number. I.E. 1d6hd is 4, 4d8hd is 20, 7d10hd is 60 and so on.

This adds a tiny bit of extra punch, maybe 1/2 hp per level, speeds and simplifies prep time and is across the board fair.

It works only a tiny bit differently for PC's and major NPC's in that they still get Max at level 1.

Whats also great about this rule is it can be used with almost every D&D edition except 4e where its not needed anyway.

Try it I think you may like it.

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