Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Things I Am Working On

New Racial Classes for Labyrinth Lord


My take on elves is that all of them use arcane magic of some kind. Like a certain elf from a very bad movie "Humans use magic as versus elves being part of it." This colors all the elf classes as X + Plus magic user.

All elves will have certain abilities in common. In newer editions these would be called "racial" abilities but here they are part of the class.

Those abilities include:

Night Vision (instead of infrasvision)
auto detect secrets doors on a 1-2 and concealed doors on a 1-3 if within
Immune to aging,disease, ghoul touch, magic sleep
Hear Noise +1
Surprised 1 time in 6 less
Stronghold at L9

Classes for Elves include

Sword Dancer (your classic fighter/mage)
Spell Hand (sneaky elf)
Wanderer (woods elf)
Arcane Archer (archery and magic rather similar to the prestige class)
Healer (limited cleric and nature magic )

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