Monday, May 17, 2010

New Magic Item: Lore Stone

The stone from the above encounter.

A lorestone stone is small dull blue flat bottomed rock the top of which is marked with a intertwining sign in some lost language.When carried it grants +1 to the bearers intelligence and the ability to ask a question once per day.

This question may be about any topic but more difficult or distant questions naturally give vangue answers.

Such stones can be modified by a magic user to provide some intelligence and direction to constructs or undead fairly simply but this damages the stone. Such a damaged stone will reduce the bearers total HP by 1d4 till the damage is repaired by soaking in holy water, a remove curse spell, a bless spell or in the case of a stone used to animate constructs by soaking it on oil overnight.

Note the stones magic can be used to find out how it can be repaired. Lorestones are usable by anyone.

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