Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another World I Made

I went through some of my files this morning and to my surprise found a world I had made and forgotten about. Seeing that, I suspect its a good thing I am not a major God, I'd be a rather forgetful one.

Anyway the world in question was for 3x, Inspired by Runequest (where everyone used magic) The rules were a mishmash of my Low Magic House Rules Pathfinder and Thieves World with the cantrip system lifted whole cloth from standard D&D.

In the setting, there was an event called the Leveling that destroyed all the magic of the world above L0 spells. Magic items from before the event still worked fine but spells were no longer available. However as a consequence anyone could use any cantrip they knew at will. Healing Cantrips were gone except for Pathfinder ones to maintain game balance.

As a kicker PC's started with INT mod cantrips, more with certain backgrounds.And pretty much that was all there was.

I never got to run it which is too bad. I kinda thought it would have been fun.


  1. Is there a link to these low magic house rules?

  2. Sure is.

    I don't have them in a PDF but I put them up as one of my 1st posts here.