Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A D&D Confession. I sold my OD&D books long ago

Heresy I know but I never got much use out of them. Besides I have PDF's for any uses I may want and would rather they went to a good home.

Diaglo, the OD&D grognard, basically he was OSR before OSR bought them from and and as OD&D is pretty much all he played and he played it a lot I knew they'd get used.

That was a good thing.



    I kid, glad to hear they went to a good home. I don't know that I could part with my OD&D set, simply because I haul them out once a year to bask in their utter obtuseness.

  2. As difficult as OD&D is to understand its a wonder anyone ever tried to play it.

    I suppose its early popularity was in because in those pre- computer days it was wonderful for geeks to have something that was for them and was social fun.

    Heck as an old grog I remember when geek stuff was rare and hard to come buy and a trip to Starland or FGU was a once in a lifetime thing.

    JMO I think we are somewhat spoiled today, not that I am complaining