Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Open Thread... What do you think Oathfinder should be?

I was typing a reply over at ChicagoWiz's blog when my ham fingers typed an O rather than a P --

I quickly deleted Oathfinder and finished more post but that got me to thinking, Oathfinder is kind a neat name.

So I am opening a thread and asking

What do you think Oathfinder is or should be?

Answers should be clean and gaming of course but beyond that, skies the limit


  1. Seems like the perfect name for a Lawful Intelligent Sword (maybe even a Lawful Special Purpose Intelligent Sword).

    Or else a high level spell for a wizard to track down someone who's made a promise to them that they didn't keep, for either later Invisible Stalker assassination attempts, or Geas casting.

  2. Oathfinder: A random generator for fantasy curses, such as: By Lamashtu's monstrous womb! By Orcus' begrimed goatee! For all the gold in Abadar's vault!

  3. Actually those are all cool ideas. I especially like the spell idea.

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