Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maximum Realism in D20 the Easy Way

When, just for fun I set out to use my D20 books to create a system that seemed to have the maximum amount of realism I was surprised how easy this was.

It took me only three steps to do it

#1 Use E6 or E8 if you want slightly super human skills or easier integration.

#2 Use the excellent Codex Martialis (info here and purchase here) and reviews here

#3 Graft in the bleeding and HP rules from D20 Game of Thrones

This turns D&D into a pretty good medieval combat simulator and while picking a magic system and using monsters was slightly tricky on the whole, other than GURPS or the now defunct The Riddle of Steel rpg, I've never seen a more realistic combat system out there.

Not bad for mechanic that at its core is designed more for Fantasy Supers is it ?

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