Sunday, October 26, 2014

B/X Didn't click

We played quite a bit of B/X D&D before we switched to 5e and I am glad we did. I'd never played that edition and was curious as to how it would play.

1st, It was deadly as expected. Lost the Elf  to a random arrow the 2nd session and nearly lost several in the 1st . The other guys didn't grok marginally disposable characters but it did keep them cautious and smart.

2nd The Metnzer addition re-balance for 36 levels and suck thief skills  in general  kept anyone from using the thief class which kind of limited the character types.

3rd Every game has it moments of awesome, my character nearly being killed  by a Carrion Crawler , several harrowing fights. The cool is as always with the group.

4th. With work, a better skills system for the thief  and a few tweaks here and there, it could be a very good game. It it was though, the group was quite meh about it , people became unreliable and did not show up and we were all glad to switch to 5e or something else.

Now the question is "Would I play B/X" again?

Maybe with the older Holmes edition, with some rules tweaks and maybe some ACKS thrown in.

Otherwise B/X didn't click for us or me.

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