Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some thoughts on 5e

I've missed the last few sessions of 5e with my gaming group. Its a shame but as always real life intervenes at times.

Regardless I've played enough to have a few opinions on 5e. In case anyone is wondering I'm playing the Pre-Gen Elf Wizard from the starter box.

1st, Its a  very good system. Well thought out, scales well, plays well and is indeed an excellent D&D.

2nd -- Wizards are quite powerful in this addition, more than 1,2,3 or 3.5/PF. I can't speak for 4e (never played it) but my wizard is magically mighty even at L1 and decent with a sword, not that I've used one,  do to his racial abilities.

3rd -- I like the magic item system a whole lot. It even scales well in that Ican see my characters best  loot thus far A Staff of Defense having value well into late game.

Now there  are some  things I just don't like.

1st- The bounded skill system is just fine but I'd really have preferred a little more complexity. Adventurer Conqueror King offers a three tiered system, roughly Apprentice, Journeyman, Master for non combat , non adventuring skills . I'd have preferred something like this for 5e as I think it would have added to that aspect of play . I might try and adopt ACKS's system , the cost of stuff is quite similar so wages should work out fine but its tricky with "bounded" skills

2nd - There really isn't a good "fight defensively" rules . I'd like a more versatile system than "give  up your attacks to impose disadvantage" which I don't think anyone would use  I might adopt my own system lightly changed though and  it should work out fine

3rd -  Maybe I've played far too much D&D, maybe its the Mines of Phandelver adventure or maybe its the newish DM (I don't think so, his homebrew Pathfinder rocked) but 5e isn't  terribly exciting in actual play. Its stolid and  it feels like D&D, its just not especially exciting for some reason. Substance is great, the sparkle is lacking.

That said I can recommend 5e and when  I can I will return to the game.

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