Sunday, October 26, 2014

Missing Pathfinder Wanting GURPS

On a personal not  its something of a a let down to go from a cool 6th level character on original adventures   in an interesting game world to a canned character on a canned adventure in a canned world.

The GM is the same , yet , with more actual experience for some reason its a struggle for me to care about the 5e game whereas our sword and planet themed Pathfinder was really fun.

When I rarely missed the PF game I was eager for the next whereas with 5e I don't care and in fact  I am near to quitting the game for a while.

 It may be a lack of personal investment in my character . Heck I can't remember his name without looking it up or it may be the mechanics or maybe I just don't enjoy playing an Elf  Wizard (Marl, my Pathfinder character was a Half Orc Rogue/Barbarian) I have no idea.

Regardless while I greatly respect 5e on the design front I wish I enjoyed playing it more and am looking forward to something else.

Right now I've gota yen for some GURPS I think so when time rolls around or if I decide to put together a different group, I might try that,

If not I may roll back to Pathfinder. Regardless, my initial  enthusiasm for 5e is fading a bit so don't be surprised if you see posts for other games. Looks like I posted too soon. Ah well live and learn and as always Good  Gaming

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