Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What are the three best campaigns you've played in ?

Interestingly for me these are actually fairly recent.

Not in order here

#1  The all too short Sword and Planet game . Pathfinder

Marl the Half Orc merc and his friends adventure in a Pathfinder homebrew. B, my GM did a great job on this with an interesting world and plenty of things going on, doubly so since he had run very little before. Various group related things  kind of axed that game but it was really fun and I had a blast playing Marl.

#2 Swords Against Greyhawk Deviltry. Rolemaster Standard System

I'm riffing the title from Fritz Leiber of course but it was hack and slash Rolemaster set in Greyhawk with a quest to stop Tharuzdin, the Cthulhu of that setting from rising.  The game was fun for a very simple reason, everyone was well adjusted, busy adults "going somewhere"  with their lives and the all around maturity helped the game flow. Its what we need, when we needed it and the first truly adult group, not in texture but in focus I'd played with.

#3 Jeeves, Wooster and the Inquisition.

One of those Dark heresy Games I mentioned . I played a young but sensible "Chav" version of Jeeves against my friend B's younger Wooster  with great humor and effect. My character loved the Emperor  and the dice loved him. I've never rolled better in any game with 3 extremely difficult rolls against my lowest state that added up to a moment of awesome,. Everyone seemed to get in some of these moments and E who loves the material did a great jobs GMing


  1. I like this question. Hmm, I think I'll do a post.

  2. Sweet! I might also do this.

    A Pathfinder Sword and Planet game? ANYTHING is too short!

  3. Thanks for the replies.

    The funny thing is that it was meant to be conventional fantasy till the GM described the planet as like Mars. something in the play style, the arid desert and the general strangeness made it into Sword and Planet .

    I'm not sure anyone there actually read sword and planet (they are younger than I) but it came out that way none the less,

    Now on an up note I spoke to the GM not long ago actually. we might get to revisit the setting. Here's hoping.