Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What are the three best campaigns you've run ?

This one is a bit subjective but I'm curious as to what campaigns you've run that you are your players thought rocked the hardest ?

My list, not in order

#1 Thieves Night Out . AD&D 2nd edition.

All players are thieves or thief multi-classes with humans aloud to multi-class with thief for this game. Basically it was a caper game kind of  Guy Ritchie, before Guy Ritchie meets D&D. There were 3 regular players plus up to 12 (far too many BTW)  at one point and simply it worked. The players had motivation, verve and at one point were so immersed in the roleplaying one broke out in sweat.

#2 Midrea Unglued.   AD&D 2nd edition.

The party was  two barbarians Hans and Franz  cribbed from Saturday Night Live , Rambo the awakened squirrel , Hayabusa the mute coroner, Inga, Hans and Franz's minder and a Satyr whose name I long forgot. It was played semi-straight but for laughs and given the inherent zaniness of D&D it was incredibly fun.

#3 Santa Carla Chronicles. Buffy RPG

This is three games actually . Buffy meets Blade meets Lost Boys with a tiny smidgen of Great Teacher Onizuka , Duke Nukem and Elvira  . This ran into 2 spin off campaigns, one  with the characters  on the run in Colorado and another 60 years into the future. All of the games had harrowing moments, Whedonesque humor , great roleplaying and charm. Truly a wonderful gaming memory over a couple of years


  1. Very cool. Santa Carla sounds like a blast.

  2. It worked very well especially since some of my players had never seen Buffy. I've used Santa Carla as a setting for a long time before that for free form games but I didn't really count them.

    In that case i think the Unisystem helped a lot. Its one of the best rules sets out there.