Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Actual List of Pathfinder /3x Core Classes

Just in case anyone wants to see the crazy thing I am posting the list here. It doesn't feel right to put up a PDF though. This list may use some names that are closed content and while the list does not include any data on any of the classes (other than in the case of Non Hasbro/Wizards classes, the source) I would like to be as respectful to IP law as possible. Its not 100% OGL and its not my stuff after all.

So below is the list, all eight pages of it for your amusement. These are the classes I use in my home campaign. A lot of this stuff won't be seen outside my table and Products I produce will of course use OGL/Pathfinder compatible classes from the SRDs, my own classes and any that are part of a partnership.



Fighter (everywhere)
Knight (20 Kingdoms, Center)
Commander (everywhere with armies)
Archer (everywhere with armies)
Fencer (9 circle cities, Dragon Empire, 7 Nations except Roh Jin, Hajasa )
Gladiator (?)
Bodyguard (Sorcerers Isle, Arkar, Firhom, some of the 20 Kingdoms, Brin )
Corsair (Brin, 5 Lands, Frepor, Seafolk)
Exoticist (Hajasa,)
Mercenary (as Jannisary, everywhere, Vara, Galitep )
Pugilist (?)
Thane (Dwarfs, Northlanders)
Shield Bearer (Dwarfs, Hunzun City States)
Survivalist (everywhere)
Thug (everywhere)
Horseman (everywhere especially Vi and Toulani)
Academy Fighter (Various) Req INT 11+ drop 1st level feat Add INT mod +3 skills to class skills list

Options everyone gets
Gain Elusive Attack @2 attacks
Gain Counterattack @3 attacks
Gain Overpowering Attack @4 Attacks
Fighter Only (Drops Feats for Sneak Attack)


Barbarian (Angosta, )
Animal Totem Variants (Beast Tribes)
City Brawler (?)
Horse Lord (Toulani)
Implacable Variant (Dwarven)
Sea Rager (as Corsair from Unorthodox Barbarians, Sea Folk, Northerners)
Berserker (Northern Lands)
Dragon Totem (Dragon Lands)
Hunter (drop rage for Ranger abilities as SRD) (everywhere)

Options (may be stacked and used with any variant that has the dropped ability)
Relentless Smash
Indomitable Will
Fearsome Gaze
Whirling Frenzy

Weapon Master (GRR Black Company ) (Vala- Bastard Sword Only, Dragon Empire, Hajasa , Shone, Roh Jin )


Druid (most rural places)
Urban Druid (7 Nations, Firhome, Hunzun City States )
Druidic Avenger (rural places)
Sea Druid (Sea Folk, Brin, a few in the 7 Nations)
Metal Master (Steel Tribes, Shone, Dwarfs)
Sidhe Scholar (Elves, Aradia,)
Totem Druid (Beast Tribes)
Storm Dancer (aka Storm Druid ?)
Wild Reaper
Wind Walker
Winter Warden (Southern Ice, Northlands, a few in Cygen)
Swift Hunter (as SRD) (?)

Animal Focused: Lose Wildshape, May Share all abilities with Companion, may speak with all Animals of type at will
Spontaneous Rejuvenation: Drop Spontaneous Summons for Spontaneous Healing
Shapeshift Variant (Elves may mix with Sidhe Scholar)


Monk (Hajasa, Dragon Isles, Ro-Jin )
Steadfast Monk (Dwarfs always with Decisive Strike)
Vigilant Monk (Firhom, some of the 20 Kingdoms, Black Gate Keep always with Sacred Strike/Evil)
Wild Monk (?)
Bane of the Clockwork (7 Kingdoms, Dragon Isles)
Sidewinder Monk (Arkar, Beast Tribes)
Raging Monk (?)
Martial Monk (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)
Chaos Monk (The Well of Archeon)
Holy Monk (?)
Hunting Monk (High Plains, gain Claw Glove)
Shadow Warrior (The Le)

All Monks may freely multi-class
All hand weapons a monk is proficient in may be used to flurry
Decisive Strike (any)
Fighting Styles (all)
Weapon Schools
Fighting Schools


Mythic Ranger
Non Spell Casting Ranger
Urban Ranger
Wild Defender
Martial Ranger (lose spells, gain feats)
Sea Ranger (Sea Folk, Brin) not completed

Solitary Hunter: Swap animal companion for Solitary Hunting
Distracting Attack: Swap animal companion for Distracting Attack
Combat Styles
Moon Warded (lose combat style, gain armor of sense (2) , moon skin (6) and indomitable mind (11) (Aradia, Queens Domain , Ashanan)
Street Ranger (as Half Elf Substitution)
Shifter Ranger (Shifters)
Shape-Wise (lose Combat Styles for Wild Shape and Fast Movement)


Rogue (everywhere)
Wilderness Rogue (everywhere with rural areas)
Lunar Rogue (lose Uncanny Dodge L4 for Rage 1 per day, Improved Uncanny Dodge and L10 Special Abilities for Magic. Must Take Lesser and Greater Magic) (Aradia , Ashanan, Queens Domain)

Feat Rogue (Drop Sneak Attack for Feats)

Beguiler (mostly Midlands and Southlands)

Duskblade (?)

Dragon Shaman (Dragon Empire, limited by House

Mystic (replaces Favored Soul) anywhere


Hexblade (Grey and Dark Elves, occasional other)
Dark Companion variant ( Grey and Dark Elves,occasional other)


Skirmisher (as Scout) (everywhere except Dragon Empire and 7 Nations-- save tribes)
Light Cavalry (everywhere with horses especially Vi and Toulani)
Sniper (everywhere, may still take 5' step, gains all Martial ranged weapons)

Spell Thief (Elves mainly, occasionally other)
Swashbuckler (Pathfinder version, 9 Cities, Brin, 7 Nations)

Warlock (Well of Archeon, Taking Power, Granted Power)
Flame Wreath variant (as above)

Warmage (Middle and Southern Kingdoms mainly)
Warmage Eclectic Learning (as above)


Cleric (everywhere)
Ancestral Speaker (Dwarf)
Arcane Disciple (Hunzun City States)
Aspirant (?)
Benevolent (?)
Cloistered Cleric (everywhere)
Crusader (most places)
Evangelist (most places)
Rage Cleric (?)

Domain Focus
Spontaneous Domain Casting
Improved Domain Powers (may stack with spontaneous)

Artificer (Pathfinder versions) (7 Nations, Dragon Kingdoms)

Gun Mage (7 Nations, Dragon Kingdoms)

Spell Preparation Bard (Firhom, Most Places, Human Bardic Knack is free)
Bard (rare most places, common in Elven Lands, Gnomes, )
Divine Bard ( Delas)
Savage Bard (Preparation Vi, Toulani)
Harbinger (Wastelands)
Fey Bard (Aradia) (As SRD)

Bardic Colleges used
Diplomat Substitution (as Half Elf Sub, Firhom)
Gnome Substitution (Gnomes, all)
Shantyman, may take Vaporing as a Feat (from Skull and Bones)

Archer Variants (Genius Guide to Archers, if you bring it)

Arcane Trickster (Charke Publishing, if you bring it)


Natural Philosopher (As Power of Self), (Brin, 7 Nations)
Paladin (The Way)
Paladin of Freedom (Bastion)
Despot (Bael)
Paladin of Slaughter (Abyss)
Sentinel (Black Gate)
Wyrm Slayer (Dragon Empire)
Paladin of Light (Celana)
Solstice Knight (Celandra)

Options (may stack as appropriate)
Angels Sight
Banishing Aura
Sanctified Aura
Charging Smite
Gaze of Truth
Hunter of Fiends
Smiting Arrow
Celestial Sword
Righteous Fury Variant (as Half Orc Racial)


Battle Sorcerer


Wizard (everywhere)
Fildh (Angosta)
Death Walker (Wastelands)
Soul Reaper (Wastelands)
Fleshcrafter (Wastelands)
Hedge Wizard (as Halfling Substitution)

Shinobi (as C/A Ninja ) (Hajasa) (gains Sneak Attack instead of Sudden Strike)

Sacred Fist (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Phantom (Thief/Cleric) (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Emissary (Thief/Cleric) (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Sage (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Shaman (Green Ronin) (Beast Tribes, Toulani, Chun, Amer Tribes,)

Noble (as Green Ronin, everywhere)

Infiltrator (KoK) (Everywhere)

Witch (Aradia, Queens Domain, Ashanan, )

Arcanite (as ToS Warlock) (?)

9 Swords Classes (All) (Hajasa) also includes Hong's Ranged Classes

Sword Sage
Sword Sage Monk Like Variant
Marksman Adept (Hong)
Huntsman Ranger (Hong)

Agent (Northern Crown) (all civilized areas)

Warolord (ToS) (?)

Incarnum Classes (all) (?)


Totem Warrior (Beast Tribes, Amer Tribes)

Spy (Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri, All)

Beastmaster ( Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri, )

Corbie ( Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri)

Gladiator ( Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri)

Sea Dog (Buccaneers and Boccor) (Sea Folk, Brin, 7 Nations, Dragon Empire )

Thane Mage (Advanced Players Manual GR)

Gutter Mage (Book of Roguish Luck)

Arcane Archer (from its own book)

Savant (Thieves World) (Everywhere)

Assassin (Green Ronin Assasins Handbook )

Oathsworn (Arcana Unearthed, Lawbringer Theocracy)

Pact Mage (?)

Shadow Mage (?)

Corsair (GRR Freeport) (Brin, 7 Nations, Dragon Empire, Sea Folk )

Shadow Sworn (Book of Roguish Luck, ?)

True Namer (?)

Survivor (TW ?)

Factotum (Hunzun City States)

Cavalier (PF) (Midlands, 20 Kingdoms)

Alchemist (PF) (7 Nations)

Inquisitor (PF) (Lawbringer Theocracy)

Oracle (PF) (anywhere, Ancient Ones)

Summoner (PF) (Near a Gate)

Hex Witch (PF Witch Class) (Dark or Grey Elves)

Bandit (GR Roguish Luck) (everywhere)

Battle Dancer

Monster Hunter (GRR Freeport) (everywhere)

Buccaneer (GRR Skull and Bones) (Sea Folk, River Folk, Dragon Empire, 7 Nations)

Yogi (Monte Cooks Best D20 ) (Hajasa, Vara)

Runeblade (Monte Cook Book of Experimental Might) (Northlands, Dwarfs)

Shadow Knife (Occisor) (Arcanis, Psionics Unbound) (Modified)

Meta Mage (as Warlock from Tome of Secrets) (?)

Investigator (Crime and Punishment)

Psionic Classes

Soul Knife
Psionic Warrior
Divine Mind
Psionic Rogue (accessory WOTC)

Devoted Psion Variant (Dreamscarred Press, Untapped Horizons,)
Marksman (Dreamscarred Press, Untapped Horizons)
Enlightened Monk (Dreamscarred Press ) (Steel Cities often with Marital Monk )

Psionic Ranger (Nifft, Online)

Soul Knife Options

Soul Bastion (Dreamscarred Press, High Psionic Compilation)
Cleaving Blade (Dreamscarred Press, High Psionic Compilation)
Dual Blade (Dreamscarred Press, High Psionic Compilation)
Throwing Blade (Dreamscarred Press, High Psionic Compilation)


  1. ...and here I thought I was crazy allowing the Mystic and adding five or six sub-classes to my Cyclopedic D&D campaign. Well, I'm cured of that nagging feeling that I may have gone overboard. ;D

  2. Oh, one thing I did forget to mention... I like that many of the classes or variants have "home bases" in your campaign world.I considered doing something like that in the very last 3.5 campaign I ever ran, but I didn't think my players would dig it.

  3. Thanks. I figure that certain cultures have certain types of people in them and it just fits.

    As for my Old School game, I'll probably go with a similar route as you . I don't care much for the Mystic though.

  4. Nor do I, generally, but as I mentioned in my blog, this upcoming campaign will be played entirely by people who practice martial arts, so it seemed fitting for the players.

  5. Makes sense. Most of my play group are martial artists as well.

    None of them ever play Monks or anything like that though.

  6. BTW I added you to the Blog List. I have no idea why I haven't before but thats remedied now.