Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sex on Midrea

I almost called this Sex in my D&D but that would not have been fair, no bait and switch from 5 Stone ;)

Unlike most D&D games I have thought about sex issues in the game but for the record in actual play its all PG and happens "off screen"

Now as for the sexual preferences of various races-- I worked them out for my game--just in case anyone asks . I know they will probably never come up but they do interest me from a world building POV

Human -- same as real world -- varies by culture
. Vara stock don't seem to care much for sex but everyone else is pretty much as slutty or chaste as Earth people are. Note that Shan-folks and Human are 100% inter-fertile. Other than oddities in hair and eyes and a bit more magic, there really is no difference

Elves -- Mostly Bi -- with a few single sex preferred types -- usually Hetero with a fair amount of polyamory too. Sex =/= reproduction with these guys

Dwarfs -- 60% Neuter (all the unmarried ones) the rest Hetero -- none are Gay. Dwarfs aren't really into the whole sex drive thing and can off the sex drive when they are not in a relationship. Dwarfs pair only with Dwarfs except for Faerie Dwarfs where they sometimes pair with human females. The result is always a male Dwarf.

Gnomes -- Gnomes curiously have no concept of adultery and never cheat on a partner. Other than that they marry and reproduce in a manner much like humans. Gnomes too are never gay for some reason

Half Elves -- same as Humans often with a bit more of a wild streak

Halfling -- Always heterosexual and monogamous like Swans. They bond for life. if a partner dies they rebond (sometimes) but thats it

Half Orcs -- same as Human with a marked tendency to violence
. They occasionally pair with humans, by force or choice as with elves they are basically the same species.

Half Ogre . Always Male and Always Neuter. These were from parings between a human male and an ogress -- females became Ogres , Males could be (1 time in 10) Half Ogres. Ogre males aren't interested in human females -- except as food. The exception might be a shapechanged Ogre Magi -- Children would be human with a High Strength, a weird bloodline and levels in the Sorcerer class

Half Troll -- Faerie trolls IMC are intelligent and interact with humans quite often. Humans and Trollwives sometimes pair off and with all the magic offspring sometimes results. Trollborn look and act mostly human though they tend to be tall, have magic and sometimes horns or rough skin.

Dragons and other stuff? Well I dunno ....

A last note on sex and gender rolls. Because of magic and cheap ubiquitous herbal birth control in most places the status of women is much higher than it is on Earth. After all are you goingt o tell a woemn who can call God-Fire or kil with a thought, she is a chattel?

Exceptions include Nordanfel which treats all women as chattel (its a polemic counterpart to the queens domain which does that for Men) and to an extent the scattered kingdoms which are semi feudal and tend to see women as inferior, with exceptions



  1. Interesting.

    I like the idea that gnomes never cheat on spouses and halflings bonding for life. In a way that makes a lot of sense to me. You could see support for halflings in Tolkien's work. Sam stayed with Rosie till her death and then he went west.

  2. That was kind of my inspiration Tim. Also with the "sexy'd up" 3.5 Halfling and amount of Sam/Frodo slash fic out there I wanted to nip any ideas in the bud.

    Amusingly the Gnomes were inspired by the illustrated book (and mediocre Tom Bosley voiced T.V. show) I liked the flavor of that as a kid, and while my Gnomes are taller, I borrowed a bit of the Scnadinavian ethod for them.