Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Options Bloat: My Core Class List for 3x

I ranted a couple of posts back about not liking options all that much. No need to repeat any of that here.

However I thought I'd share a tidbit with y'all. As an exercise I went through and wrote down every single allowable core class and core class variant for my possibly upcoming Pathfinder/3X hybrid campaign.Just a roughly formatted list with the class names, nations where they are common, and if they were not in the Pathfinder or D20 SRD, what the source was.That's it.

Guess how big it was? 8 pages. Core Classes and variants only, but still 8 pages is a lot of material for anyone to take in.Player or Gamemaster.

Now what I plan to do is when characters are created I'll hand the players the list , let them read through and if they aren't sure what they want , I'll ask them what they want to play, then suggest something.

This should help trim down the options for them, without taking away the choices that many of them crave.

Of course once I get to prestige classes or feats, thats when the fun begins ...

I have no PRC or Feat plan (no time to sort all the sources) so I'll do what I do best. Let the players pick, vote up or down and wing it.

Or maybe I'll save myself the trouble , just club them over the head and make them play Labyrinth Lord or something. ;)

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