Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Character Generation in my Campaign

This really isn't germane to any products I will be doing or to anything old school. However I thought folks here might find "how someone else does char-gen" to be of some interest. Think of this as sharing a bit of the DM's notebook if you like ;)

Welcome to the Midrea Campaign!

All characters are assumed to be reasonably loyal to one another and "adventurous" by nature. If this doesn't fit. Don't play.

Char Gen is as follows

All races on my race lists are available although you should check with me for any modifications.

Humans will receive a background as per Thieves World. See me for further details

Races that are LA+0 will receive 32 points as per the DMG, LA +1 races will receive 28 points.

Starting level is 2 and multi classing to a maximum of 3 classes and 2 prestige classes is allowed. Preferred class is not used and no Pathfinder bonuses hp or skill bonuses will be granted.

Any class may be selected from the class list however all spell casting classes except those requiring spell preparation must be taken at 1st level.

Action points will be used with the the added ability that they may be spent after an enemies to hit roll stop negate a hit.

Fractional BAB and Saves will be in use

Hit points will Max at L1 and Greyhawk Average after.

In lower magic item or lower magic setting settings an untyped bonus of 1/2 level will be added to AC. 1/2 of this bonus (1/4 level) will be added to AC vs touch attacks.

Starting skills are at +2 for all classes with skills used as per pathfinder

Starting money is 1000GP in standard magic campaigns. Items than can be made by the character can be purchased at half cost. Starting money is L1 funds in lower magic campaigns with 1's rerolled.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask by E-Mail or Post

Well folks, there you have it. The simplified guidelines for character generation for my campaign. Hope it was a least not boring....

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