Friday, July 2, 2010

The Lay of Maris and Ezradan

When you spend too much time world building from blocks of your own bad fiction and gaming, sometimes a little poetry seeps through.

This is an excerpt of Vara poem, the kind of thing any school kid in that country would know. And as you guessed its violent and kind of morbid.

The Lay of Maris and Ezradan

And they met at the place of battles
on the last days
and Maris looked out upon the iron sea and asked of Ezradan "why have you come"
Ezradan passed his hand out over the forment and answered "We are following the will of the one"
"What is the will of the one?" asked Maris curious
"Death." said Ezradam
Maris said nothing
Ezradan saw the grim men around Maris and before him and asked "Why have you come?"
and Maris passed his hand over the forment and answered "We are seeking."
"What are you seeking?" asked Ezradan
"Death." said Maris
and Ezradan smiled and said "Then let us then go into death as brothers."

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