Sunday, July 18, 2010

So What Kind of Old School Campaigns Do You Run ?

This is a shorter list of what I have prepared especially for "Old School" gaming. These games are meant to reward the simpler style of kil and loot and are much less "RP" intensive. Some of the games in Part 1 of this post can be played easily in earlier editions but for various reasons, the reverse is less true.

These games are meant strictly for nothing later than OS/2 Warp and while Pathfinder is quite capable of making these games fun the complexity kind of defeats the point. Simplicity and fun are king here not rules.

Tombs and Troubles:
Plain old dungeon crawling, hex crawling , adventuring, wenching (or its female equivalent) stealing and woods running. This is classic style D&D with the players simply being Adventurers. There is a city, a few towns, villages, caves and dungeons. Simple archetypes and simple fun.

The Grand Campaign
I've always wanted to run this. This games takes the characters (assuming they don't do something stupid and get killed for it ) from Level 1 to the Queen of the Demon Web Pits. from Zero to Hero and beyond...


  1. From your two choices I would say I run the Grand Campaign style. Usually I am a player, but the times I have been a GM the campaign has gone on for 1 to 3 years. I've never used a can module during those campaigns. But I definately borrowed from them and other resources.