Thursday, May 5, 2011

#1 Small Pathfinder House Rule Wizards

One for the Wizard

My players seem to avoid Wizards pretty much completely , partially its because of the complexity (Sorcerers are much easier to play) partially for the power (Sorcerers get more spells per day) but mainly because they fear DM's messing with the spellbooks.
This rule is designed to help make Wizards a bit more desirable without messing with the game balance.

At level 1 every wizard gains the bonus feat spell mastery however one of the mastered spells must be Read magic.

In addition at every level the Wizard gains spells known or any spell in which the Arcane Study (a homebrew feat) or Spell Perfection has been applied is considered to be mastered. If either of those spells is applied to a spell already mastered, another spell may be selected immediately. Once made this selection may not be changed .

And the very slightly revised Spell Mastery

Spell Mastery

You have mastered a small handful of spells, and can prepare these spells without referencing your spellbooks at all.

Prerequisite: 1st-level wizard or other spell preparation class that requires a spell book

Benefit: Each time you take this feat, choose a number of spells that you already know equal to your natural Intelligence modifier +1 . From that point on, you can prepare these spells without referring to a spellbook. If your Intelligence modifier is later permanently raised through experience or magic, additional spells equal to the difference may be slected immediately. Once selected these spells cannot be changed.

Normal: Without this feat, you must use a spellbook to prepare any of your spells that are not mastered,

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