Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Theme Parties: D.A.R.T.

D.A.R.T (direction action response teams), the successors to the unfortunately named F.A.R.T. (fast action response teams) are the Lawbringer Nations answer to Earth S.W.A.T. and consist of highly trained Church professionals that deal with dangerous individuals and situations the regular military and Church police have trouble with.

The configuration below is a standard one though other groups, say PC parties or the like may have different membership.

Team Lead: Lawbringer Cleric L6-L8

Tactical Officer: War Master L6-L8 (Genius Guide)

Investigative Lead: Inquisitor L6-L8

Liason: Fighter/Investigator L6-L8 (Crime and Punishment)

Point Man: Factotum L6-L8 (Dungeonscape)

Sentry: Oath Taker L6-L8 (Arcane Unearthed)

Apprehension Specialist: Bounty Hunter L6-L8 (Fistful of Denarri)

In addition each unit may have several squads of L3 Warriors or any personal retinue of the Tactical Officer gained from the leadership feat

For persons without access to the additional books, make the War Master a Bard, the Point Man a Rogue, the Sentry, a Monk and the Apprehension Specialist a Ranger. The Investigator class can be had here at the Grand OGL wiki thanks to Atlas Games.

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