Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pathfinder Class List: Revision

Thought I'd let you know that my current efforts are being directed to getting rid of as much non OGL, non Pathfinder content in my homebrew as possible. This way I can make more of it OGL and simplify my gaming world as much as possible.

Thus far I have eliminated most all closed WOTC classes and am left with the following open class variants

UA Hunter Barbarian Variant (open)
UA Cloistered Clerics (open)
UA Swift Hunter Druid (open)
UA Druidic Avenger (open)
UA Battle Sorcerer (open)
UA Wilderness Rogue

, a few class options not listed here and the Archivist and Cloistered Archivist closed classes.

eventually I will create a PF/OGL version of the Archivist (dropping some of the closed type abilities) as well.

I'd say the most difficult "drop" choices were the Warlock (I like this class but it really doesn't fit) the Factotum (mechanically a poor fit) and the Scout which I like but is decently superseded by its Rogue variant.

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