Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Theme Parties: The Enduring Storm

The Enduring Storm is one of the odd parties in that their name was given to them by the various groups they fought against rather than self selected. None of the members are all that fond of it but as it brings in work,they live with it

This group is noted for their extreme endurance , stubbornness and the rare presence of a Warforged on the team.

This material requires Book of Nine Swords and Ebberon which are of course closed content.

Nico , team leader Crusader 8

Dain , War Blade 8

Maya the Dancer , Sword Sage 8

Unit 443 aka Tom Mithril Shelled Warforged Warlock 8

Grey Cat Factotum L8

Martin Longbow Marksman Adept L8 (here)

Durn Longbow Huntsman L8 (here)

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