Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Old School Requires a Different Type of Player

This might be a bit controversial to some but in my opinion, traditional adult non hack and slash old school play requires a different skill set and different attitude to play than more modern play styles.

Its how shall I say a bit more geeky in that its lack of rules clarity requires more attention to detail in the dungeon (sometimes obsessive amounts of it) and a bit more imagination at the same time.

Modern games still reward brains and skills in play but those skills are more about optimizing and us of resources than imaginative choices.

Now mind I am not claiming it brings home the fun better, only that it was a nerds game in ways that modern games are not.

This is why that some players can't /won't /don't transition from new to old and that others simply don't get why its fun.

Different strokes for different folks as it were.

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