Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And Now There Are Five

Five Old School magazines that is



Fight On!


and Oubliette .

Of these the only ones I have experience with are OD&DITIES, which has the 1st twelve issues free at Alderson's Tower or Dragonsfoot and,
both of which were very good highly recommended and best of all, absolutely free.

What amazes me more than anything about the OSR is the shear creativity of its member base. We are as a small group putting out support material in numbers that would have made TSR back in the old 1e days green with envy.

Partially this is of course the technology of today ,publishing is much easier and has a lower cost of entry, but the rest of it is us. We have the attitude, the creativity and the sense of wonder, just as much, maybe more than we did back then.

Of in case anyone wonders why I am so behind. All my Ka-Ching$ are called for.

When that lets up, I'll play catch up...

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