Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Old School Iconic: Adam Baron of Varick

I don't recall seeing many Old School iconics stated up which is something I am going to have to remedy. They will be stated up in labyrinth Lord but should be easily used with any of the old schools systems with only a tiny bit of work. Also note that unlike my Pathfinder Iconics, these guys do use my general house rules which you will see later.

Adam Baron Varick

Str 13
Int 14
Wis 9
Dex 13
Con 10
Charisma 16

Fighter 10
Hit Points 64 (I use a D10 for Fighter HP and HD to 10. For more standard LL subtract 14)
AC -2
Combat Styles (from here) Shield Master, Weapon Master Longsword, Weapon Grandmaster Longsword, Unarmed
Stronghold Castle Varick

Handsome and Slender Shan Male with Black Eyes and Argent Hair. Adam has an easy sly smile and an acquisitive look about him.

Class Lens
Ex Solider

Cityborn to Crafters


Alignment -- Neutral

Special Abilities (2)
Alert +4 to rolls to spot anything
Lucky +1 to all D20 rolls as per luckstone

Special Items
Longsword "Fortunes Friend +1" Luck Blade 2 Wishes sentient INT8 detects gems and metals 60' range.
Chainmail +2
Gorgons Fist Buckler +2 Buckler if missed by 4 or less attacker the blow has hit the shield and the attacker must saves vs spells or be slowed for 1d6 rounds as the spell.

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