Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Product Query: Character Companion

I have a question for all my readers. Who here would be interested in a Character Options Companion?

What I am thinking here is a product for "old school" in general with a focus on Labyrinth Lord but usable with Swords and Wizardry, B/X and other games.

It would be composed of an extended background table, a discussion of what each class should know how to do, a simplified (very simplified) skill system based on attribute rolls , an optional "snowflake" table of special abilities (rather like a saner version of the infamous Arduin tables) and the meat of the matter, several dozen new character classes designed to mesh with the others.
These classes ought to be balanced and flavorful while being easily plugged into most any campaign

I figure it ought to be about 64 pages or so.

So what say y'all. Any interest ?

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