Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shifting Initiative

As promised in my last post, my "shifting initiative" house rule. I made this rule way back in the 1e days (when I was like 13). In my current opinion its not a very good rule as it substitutes weapons speed for weapon length, however its quick and playable.

Melee combat is divided into 2 range bands, long and close.

At the beginning of the combat roll 1d10 for initiative adding weapon speed factor and dex bonus. The larger roll wins. However if the winner has a smaller weapon speed factor, he may opt move to close .
Thereafter initiative is rolled by rolling 1d10 adding weapon speed factor and subtracting defense. The smaller number goes first.
If the weapon with the higher speed factor wins he may elect to move to long range in which case combat functions as in the 1st round.
In a surprise or backstab situation the attacker may choose the range band on the 1st round.

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