Friday, April 9, 2010

An Iconic: Melkar K'Treva

Every game company has its iconic characters. Here is, sans art, one of mine. Melkar K'Treva.

Melkar K'Treva is the character I am most requested to bring into games either as the player or as the DM. I've used him in 2e, Rolemaster Standard System , GURPS, 3x and of course Pathfinder in every level from 8 to 16. He is always some kind of magic user whatever the system. Presented here he is a l13 Sorcerer using Pathfinder.

Note here the stats are treated as (best 3 of 4d6) rolls and any magic items that he can create were bought at half price. As Melkar is an iconic he also has the standard two traits Other than those changes he is pretty standard Pathfinder.

Melkar K'Treva

Human male,mid to late 30's average height, slender and muscular like a dancer dark hair cut short with coal black eyes. Almost unremarkable features except for a certain intensity and crafters hands.

Str 12
Int 14
Wis 12
Dex 14
Con 14
Cha 20/24

Arcane Bloodline
Alignment N

Craft-Mage 5% reduction in cost to make magic items
Desperate Focus

Skills (70)
Knowledge History 10
Bluff 10
Craft 10
Fly 9
Knowledge Arcana 12
Intimidate 10
Spellcraft 10
Appraise 9
Sense Motive 5
Stealth 5
Perception 5
Knowledge Local 5
Knowledge Dungeoneering 5
Knowledge Planes 5
Knowledge Engineering 5
Acrobatics 5
Swim 5
Climb 5
Ride 5

Hit Points 88
AC 26 flatfooted 24 touch 23

H Nimble Moves
1 Combat Casting
3 Silent Spell
5 Craft Wondrous Item
7 Empower Spell
9 Maximize Spell
11 Spell Penetration
13 Quicken Spell
B6 Improved Initiative
B13 Still Spell

Class Abilities
Bloodline Arcana
Arcane Bond (Black Rod)
Metamagic Adept 3x day

Spells Known
L0 9 detect magic, detect poison, mage hand, resistance , ray of frost, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation

L1 5 magic missile, expeditious retreat , mage armor , shield, feather fall
L2 5 glitterdust, alter self., detect thoughts, levitate , locate object
L3 4 iceball, hold person, haste, lightning bolt
L4 4 wall of ice, black tentacles, ice storm, fear
L5 3 break enchantment , teleport, force wall
L6 3 explode foe greater dispel globe of invulnerability

Bonus Spells Known
Dispel Magic
Dimension Door
Overland Flight
True Seeing
Fire Shield
Analyze Dweomer

The Black Rod
This artifact combines can be used as a light mace and combines the effects of a staff of power with a staff of magi. Unlike these items it does report the current level of charges.

dagger +1 flaming
long knife + flaming (as dagger but cutting damage)
Bracers AC+6
Melkar's Almost Ultimate Boots: combines boots of teleportation, levitation and haste
Eye of Orm combines adds +3 to charisma and natural armor
Cloak of Resistance +4 4k
Necklace Iceball Missiles type 5 (as Necklace of Fireballs)
Ring of deflection +3
Ring of Sustenance
Handy Haversack with lots of mundane gear

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