Friday, April 30, 2010

The Tentative Product List

This list is very tentative and it depends on how well I can get my personal stuff in order. Prices and sizes are not set in uhh, stone.

Product #1 (for Pathfinder)

FSPFC #1 Swordmage

A new core class combining fighter and wizard. A less complex and (IMNSHO) more fun alternative to the Eldritch Knight that blasts out the door at level one.

Product #2 (for Old School)

FSOS#1 Class Options for Old School

This is themed for Labyrinth Lord and B/X but could be used easily enough with any of the old school type games. It includes a comprehensive background system, my "lens system for classes, a bunch of new race/classes, a smattering of house rules and a set of snowflake rules to add cool and simple backgrounds traits. I am guessing this will be about 64 pages when its done.

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