Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Few Organizations on Midrea

A sextet of the more interesting ones that P.C.'s might run into.

The Harrow -- This organization codifies and studies all martial arts and offers training in almost all of them to worthy students.

The International Benevolent Brotherhood of the Chain -- aka Slavers Guild. They provide slaves, promote slavery as a social good and sometimes offer services to Bael the Victor (the Slavers God) . They also have a less licit agency called the Ring that operates in areas where slavery is illegal or frowned upon. This is a very big and very powerful multinational group, not to be trifled with lightly.

Brotherhood of Mages -- This organization is a group of traditionalist wizards that meets operates as a mutual aid society for traditional spell casters (i.e 1 wizard, 1-3 students) They have a strict code of ethics designed to improve the social respectability of wizards called The Wizards Code. Mainly they are a bunch of stuff academics and hedge wizards who accomplish little. Even the Council of Arch-Mages rarely is able to get anything agreed upon.

The Gathering, Lamplighters -- both similar organizations of Loremasters and Undead hunters

Society from Permanent Manumission-- aka The Anti Slavery League. An organization headquartered in the Brin Republic but active almost everywhere. Its goal is too eliminate slavery and, though unproven agitate for Universal Suffrage and Republican Government

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