Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pathfinder Rules Content: Dwarves of Midrea

Dwarves of Midrea are the second most common race on the planet and can be found almost anywhere Humans are found. In general they get along with humans as well as humans get along with each other. Dwarves are mortal, reaching adolescence at about 20 and full maturity at about 50. Life span can approach 500 as they age at 1/5 the rate of humans.

Skin, Eye and Hair color is about that of Europeans. Average Height is around 4'6" to 5 foot and varies little. All male Dwarves sport long beards and are inordinately proud of them. They will be trimmed for neatness and occasionally cut short prior to a battle but are never shaved even as a humiliation. Female Dwarves are about the same height as males but are beardless and unless disguised clearly female. There are no half dwarves

Dwarves use the standard Pathfinder rules however they gain 2x low light visions instead of dark vision and do not gain hatred, defensive training or weapon familiarity abilities. Instead they gain Craftwise and a +2 racial bonus on all craft checks.

Dwarves are loosely divided into 3 "cultures" City Dwarves who live mostly among men, Hill Dwarves and Mountain Dwarves who prefer their respective habitats. Difference as cultural however not racial and all use the same abilities.

Last there are are the Fae Dwarves who serve as the craftsmen of the Elven kingdoms . They are Fae and as such are immune to aging and disease. They gain the fae template as well. They are ECL +1 and may not be suitable as PC's

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