Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flame Heart in Pathfinder

The same concept of scalable weapons works in Pathfinder as well, in some ways (since magic item design is so structured) One difference though, while some of the abilities may only operate at certain levels, its entirely possible for the weapon to be overpowered at that level. Use in your game with caution if game balance as a concern.

Prices have been extrapolated from the standard magic items rules.

Flame-Heart. This bastard sword was forged for Prince Eadric the Red for his journey into the frozen south. The Sword is a is narrowly tapered with a lethal thrusting and the blades elegant Ibari steel seems to ripple like red flames. The grip is made of blood colored dyed ray skin that has been replaced several times. One the back of the pommel is a clear crimson gem harder than steel.

Like most Great Weapons, the weapon responds to the skill and power of is user.

L1-L3 +1 weapon. The sword blade is hot to the touch and in cold weather flares hot enough to act as a flame-less light-less campfire if placed point down in the ground.

Cost 2500, Sword +1 and Cantrip/Prestidigitation (use Activated)

L4-L6 The weapon becomes a Sword Flame-Tongue also retaining its "campfire" ability.

Cost 21215 Flame Tongue + Campfire Ability

L5-L9 The sword gains another +1. Once Per day the wielder may cast Wall of Fire as a 10th level Wizard

Cost 51215 (add +1 and a daily spell)

L10-L12 The sword gains another +1. The user gains Protection 10 Cold

Cost 85215 (cost includes cold resistance ring of minor resistance doubled for being slotless)

L13-L15 The Sword gains another +1 (for a total of +4) Once per day the bearer may cast Fire Storm as a 15th level Cleric

Cost 141715

and final

The Sword becomes a +5 Keen Weapon with the above powers

Final Cost 181715


L10-L12 The weapon gains an additional +1 (for a total of +3) in addition to the effects of a flame tongue. Anyone within 10 feet or so of the user is immune to normal cold and resists magical cold (save at +4, take half damage at any point) as well. If desired the user may call a Firestorm (as the Druid spells) this drains 3 categories of magic.

L13+ The user may use each of those abilities once per day without draining the weapon in addition to the above abilities.

And there you go, a cool item usable at any level with abilities the players can unlock and explore as they play up to level 20 in Pathfinder.

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